Pengaruh Keselamatan Kerja dan Kesehatan Kerja terhadap Produktivitas Kerja Pegawai Puskesmas Tempeh Kabupaten Lumajang

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Keywords: Occupational Safety, Occupational Health, Work Productivity


The fact that humans as the main asset in the organization or health field should get serious attention and managed as well as possible. Safety work needs to be in order to minimize the ability to minimize work accidents. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of occupational safety and occupational health on work productivity Puskesmas Tempeh District Lumajang, either partially or simultaneously. This research was conducted on 55 employees of Tempeh Health Center of Lumajang Regency. The research method used is the method of multiple regression statistics. The result of the research indicate that for safety variable do not have influence to worker employee prdoktivitas Tempeh Puskesmas, work health variable have significant influence to productivity of ape employee Puskesmas Tempeh. While simultaneously there is influence of work safety and occupational health to work productivity of employee of Tempeh Puskesmas with coefficient of determination (adjusted R2) in earn equal to 0,292 showing 29,2% work productivity can explain work safety and health, while the rest 70,8% work productivity is influenced by other variables not studied in this research. While other variables that affect the work productivity is expected to be meticulously by subsequent researchers.